Many of the women who come to receive training at our Tarika Centre have led tragic lives. Vasati*’s story is no exception…
*Names and picture change to protect anonymity.

Vasati’s life had already been tough. She and her brother had not long lost their mother, when they were involved in a terrible motorbike accident. As they were both rushed to the hospital, her brother tragically died, but Vasati didn’t find out until two months later, when she finally emerged from the coma she had fallen into as a result of the accident. Even after she awoke, it took several more months in the hospital before she was well enough to return home.

On coming back, she discovered that her father, a tailor, had re-married to a lady who also had a daughter from a former marriage. The new wife did not want Vasati around and started to abuse and mistreat her. Vasati ran away, and found sanctuary as a cousin’s house.

Needing to find a way to support herself, Vasati came to know about the Tarika Centre, and is successfully working her way through the Beautician’s course. She hopes to be able to start her own beauty business and be self-sufficient enough to even be able to pursue her other passion: dancing!