Without providing alternative options

for income generation, many Jogini women are unable to leave behind sex work, even when they want to.  Often impoverished and uneducated, it is hard for them to find alternative employment, and they are often shunned in any case.

Pratigya’s Economic Empowerment programme seeks to fill this gap by providing a variety of opportunities for Joginis and their families to make a livelihood. These include:-

  • Tailoring Centres – Ten tailoring centres have so far been established to provide training in sewing skills to Jogini and Dalit women. The courses last for around 6 months and each student graduates with a certificate to show that they completed the course. With these skills, they are able to set up small tailoring businesses from their own homes, or to take work in garment factories.
  • Micro-finance Loans – Under another initiative, groups or Joginis can combine to start up a business, using a loan
  • The programme will train eighty Joginis in sewing and embroidery skills so that they can establish a tailoring and clothing repair business in their villages.
  • Twenty five Joginis will be invited to form a LAMP (self-help) group with loans for a chilli powder press or purchasing and storing rice. enabling Joginis to set up businesses and so earn a livelihood.

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