The Tarika CentER aims

to both prevent sex trafficking and provide rehabilitation to those who have been exploited, trafficked or forced into sex work.

The centre is located in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Tarika provides accommodation and rehabilitation for women and girls who have been rescued from exploitation, particularly from sex trafficking. This includes women who were dedicated to be Devadasis, or ‘temple prostitutes’, still a widespread practice in Karnataka. The Centre facilitates counselling and tutoring for either school work or vocational skills, dependent on the age and situation of residents. Between six and ten women and girls can be accommodated at any one time.

The other main aspect of the Centre’s work is offering vocational and skills training for up to a hundred women, many of them from slum areas. These are among the most vulnerable to exploitation. They can participate in courses of between three and twelve months in duration in sewing and embroidery, IT, beautician skills, spoken English and other subjects. Job opportunities are accessed through networking with local entrepreneurs and businesses.

Although gaining new skills is an attractive proposition, a key element in Tarika’s approach is to build confidence in women who have often been marginalised and abused. Counselling is also available for these women, along with tutoring for older girls to encourage them to stay in school.

The cost to run the centre is about $100,000 USD or £64,000 GBP per year. Donate directly to the Tarika Centre, using the following links: